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God is doing it!

Let me tell you some good news. If you were to come to my house, you would see different scriptures thumbtack on top of every light throughout my home. In my bathroom, I have 3, one to see when I get out of the shower, one above the mirror, and one above the light. At first, I thought it was a little tacky, but who cares? This is how I am fighting this battle with the word. A few weeks back, I felt like I heard the spirit tell me it was time to take those down and replace them with I AM HEALED – because I am walking into my healing season. I brushed it off, but then I went to a service, and a lady said you are walking into your healing season (God is so amazing that he will send confirmation). I went for my scan at Duke to see if the tumors had spread or were stable and how the treatments were doing. This time I had peace; I did not care what the scan would say because I knew God was in control, and I had to trust the process. Well, on Tuesday, we meet with the doctor in Duke, and he starts with Mrs. Lucas. We just wanted to remind you that these treatments are not meant to take cancer away, but the tumor that was at the head of your pancreas is no longer there; he then says again this is not to take cancer away, but the two of the larger ones that are on your liver are rescinding. Again, this is not to take the cancer away, but if you look at your last scans, you can see that those dark spots are lighting up. Honey, all I could say was THANK YOU, JESUS!!! I am crazy enough to believe that one day when I see the doctor, his words will line up with the report of the Lord. This doctor who gave me an expiration date will have to speak and say you shall live. I know he can't explain it and doesn't have to because God is getting all the glory. Only God can do a thing like this. I may not always feel well, but I am living well in the Lord. I don't have to beg for this healing. That's already mine. All I got to do is trust the process and keep showing up. My answer is still yes, and as Herbert says, I will be that miracle. I am learning to go through with love and show that God is more than faithful. You all, I am in love with God, I was in love with him before, but I find myself falling even more. #OAN – I found this big bell outside at Duke – I will ring that thing! Don't count it strange if you asked me how I am doing; my response is I am Healed!! I'm speaking this thing on this side of glory. OH, thank you for all the prayers #Miracleworker #ALLISWELL #MYFAITHISCRAZY #EXCITEDABOUTMYFUTURE

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